Minimal surface iteration

Hi all,
i need a little help for this file.
I need to generate through this surface developed in Rhino, in which the composition of the shapes based on these curves so that in its composition it is possible to edit and change the factors to model it at different scales in its composition.
It would be very helpful if someone can teach me how to raise this surface in Grasshopper.
Beforehand thank you very much.

masa.3dm (631.3 KB)

I’m not sure I understood your request, do you need a parametric way to build the surface from 6 arcs ? (knowing 2 radii, to keep symmetry) (11.3 KB)

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thank this is what a wan to do

Wow teddy, you really are a magician. I had no idea it was possible to select geometry using their GH-supplied name - your use of Match Text is really something special. After I saw your results I took the liberty of tweaking your script to produce this:

My additions can probably be improved/simplified, but I was more interested in seeing if I could make something 3D printable based on your script. I’m printing this result now (about 4.5 hour print time) and so far it looks fine.

As usual for this type of geometry the STL file produced by Rhino has internal errors caused by mis-matched mesh corners, but Netfabb fixes these in just a few minutes.

Thanks again for sharing your solution - it is quite instructive indeed. (37.0 KB)

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