Origami/Kirigami examples

Hey Grasshopper Community! I’m currently working on origami and kirigami simulations. I found few examples of grasshopper + kangaroo implementations in the older grasshopper forum. Unfortunately, the old components are not compatible with the latest version of grasshopper and kangaroo. It’ll be awesome if people can use this thread to share any origami and kirigami simulations compatible with the latest version.
I’m starting by sharing the Yoshimura pattern. Here we go!
Origami_k2.gh (31.5 KB)

I suggest to use the search function

discrete curved folding:



Kirigami doesn’t need Kangaroo

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Hey! The example was great, but I couldn’t simulate the opening and closing (folding) of the kirigami. Am I missing out something?

These work just fine in Kangaroo 2: