Help me! Origami

How can I do this Origami in Grasshopper? Help me please

There are other threads here about origami and folding using Kangaroo. I would suggest you start there.

I Can’t find any other thread about this origami …

You can find some origami examples from here.

ParametricHouse have a course covering this:


I created this long time ago

Do you have the script Please? I have to take an exam at the university and I need it

Check the video

thank you so much!

Hi, If I want to apply this pattern on a surface how should i do?

Where is the video i cant find it ?
I need help to creat this origami plz

Miura (21.4 KB)

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Thank you so much u did help me but i have more questions
So wht am trying to do is to creat this origami but with the ability to control the alpha and omega angles like in the pics below so is there any solution or modification i can made on ur script to achive that?

Sorry i can’t help you with that, the script used a geometrical solution.

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So there is no way i can flod each of this two point alone insted of moving theme together?