Origami model

Hi all,
I’m a new learner of grasshopper. I fold this origami paper model, and I want to build it in grasshopper. The thing is I have no clue how to build this pattern. Does anyone have some ideas to write the grasshopper script of this pattern?

I built the single unit in Rhino which I upload in here.
SingleUnit.3dm (3.4 MB)

I would really appreciate that you can join in this discussion and help me.

Use the search function of the forum. There are many recent threads about origami patterns.

folding_pattern.pdf (78.8 KB)
this is the folding pattern. Mountain in blue, valleys in yellow.

I see, I’ll take a look. Thank you so much!

Origami_example.gh (45.4 KB)


WOW!That’s amazing!

I did this a few months back.

resch_01.gh (39.9 KB)

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Sorry that I just saw your message yesterday night. the gh script that you upload is very difficult to me. I’m gonna try to understand your thought. Can i ask you some question when I’m confused? Thank you so much!

Sure—fire away!

Superb!!! Thanks a ton! How do I add the parameter so that there is a real life collision detection or prevention?