Origami using Kangaroo

Hi Daniel,
I am modeling a Yoshimura origami using your grasshopper example.
My Pattern is as shown above: Mountain in orange and valleys in green.

In addition to your origami example, I also add some boundary conditions:

-both edges should be at the plane OXY
-both edges should be parallel to each other

When a set my folding amount to 0, my origami is flat. However, if I set it to 1, it is not completely folded. Could you explain me why does it happen? Is it possible to fold it completely?

I’ve tried to increase the folding amount, but my model doesn’t converge for folding amount greater than 1.15 (some panels crash at each other)



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Origami_k2.gh (31.5 KB)
Does this example help?

Can‘t look at your file atm, but may this helps:

Thanks Daniel. Now it works perfectly.
Could you explain me how does the origami analysis work and what are the difference from origami analysis on kangaroo 1 and 2? If I am not wrong valley and mountains are modeled as springs and the solver searches the equilibrium for a given fondling angle. On kangaroo 1 we had a damper factor. On the file you sent me I couldn’t find it.

Thank you in advance

Hi tim,

Thanks for your answer. I don’t think it was mathematical problem. I made a paper origami and it was foldable for the dimensions I have choose .
The file Daniel sent works fine for my geometry.