Yoshimura origami doesn't Fold correctly in Crane


I used regular yoshimura origami crease Pattern and also defined mountains and valleys in Crane plugin, but the foldation wasn’t the one that I expected as a usual yoshimura shape. what I aimed is to solve the folding process and extract the rigid origami in this area. Could you help me out in this please?

What I want to Create:

What the Result is in Crane Solver:

Yoshimura F.3dm (176.8 KB) Yoshimura F.gh (24.7 KB)
Here are the Files I used above.
Thanks in advance.


I have no experience in using this plugin. But recently I had seen @jho using this plugin and teaching some interesting tutorials. I hope if he sees this tag he might do the helpful you need.


I saw these videos, but none of these mentioned how to create yoshimura origami. I Completly followed the instructions, but for some unknown reason the pattern wont fold as yoshimura mountains and valleys.

How can I mange the direction of foldings? because the solver rolls the crease in wrong direction and I cannot define the axis in grasshopper? and also fold it not create a cylinder. if someone know how its done please inform me.

You maybe watched the videos but you are missing some basic understanding of fold pattern creation.

This is your file with control points of the valley folds on, notice how you just copied the lines but their ends don’t match the intersections.

But it get’s better, trun on control points for the mountain lines and zoom in, notice how the lines don’t even meet in one point?

How do you expect that to fold?

Fix it and it works like expected.

Yoshimura F_re.gh (24.2 KB)


Hi Daniel
Thanks for the advice :slightly_smiling_face: , I have no idea why this happened at all, maybe Created the lines fast or some snap displacement.
and didn’t quite understood the fabrication part, it fabricates a surface instead of the final shape

It would help if you describe your problems in a more detailed way.

What I got from your pm is that the simulation was flipped, that should be fixed in the attached version also the mesh creation works better without using the cluster provided by crane. You can flip the mesh direction with the boolean toogle, by that you flip folding direction. Try out the implemented OnPlaneGoal to fix border verticies to XY plane, best input it after achieving the desired folding state.
Yoshimura F_re2.gh (27.9 KB)

Regarding facbrication, I have no idea what you want to achieve and I don’t know much about crane so I can’t help with that.

If you want to achieve the first picture you posted. Well that picture is not a rigid foldable origami, it’s more like a tesselated barrel vault like Renzo Pianos sulfur extraction facility. You can see that because there is no folding in the triangles on the bottom border. You could replace these parts after the simulation with planar triangles or cut them out of the simulation process and insert them after or skip the whole simulation thing and tesselated the pattern on a surface.

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Hello Daniel, can I ask you some questions about the Crane? I did everything just right with the crane for folding, except when I tried to grab(edit) the structure on rhino after running through the solver, it failed. So I cannot do anything for the folding on rhino for efficiency. I guess I should bake it somewhere in grasshopper, but I don’t know where should I bake. Or is there anything else I missed?