Origami folding simulation

Hi all,

I want to simulate this folding condition of this origami shape by kangaroo. I used the file from Daniel Piker’s sample.

But the result is incorrect. I am wondering is the issue of my anchor strength or something else.

Furthermore, is there any way to do some simulations in some specific conditions like this?

This is the link of the vedio
folding simulation
Any suggestion is appreciated!!!

Thank you,
Origami_q.gh (50.3 KB)

Origami_q2.gh (42.3 KB)
I made a few tweaks - various things like adding planarity for the quads, exploding and removing duplicates from the fold lines, adjusting strengths, etc.
These types of pattern can still get stuck in crumpled configurations if folded too quickly though. Here I added a timer to fold it slowly and steadily:

(video at 2x speed)