Ocean Wave Generation in Rhino

Dear Rhino Users and Developers,

from some time I am thinking about best methods for generation of quite realistic ocean waves in Rhino, or outside of it. We have displacement and we have bump for rendering effects which both used wisely can generate nice results.

However in Blender for example there is implemented open source Houdini Ocean Toolkit, which I believe really can provide better quality, and is adding some animation capacilities. Link below:


My question is, is there some implementation of this or similar tool into Rhino/Grasshopper? Together with grasshopper this could provide some nice animation capabilities inside Rhino.

Not sure, never used it but i think Flexhopper plugin may be what you are looking for.

If someone was interested, we have ended up with buying Vray render engine, which allows to import ocean mesh animation during rendering only as alembic proxy mesh. Mesh is preparred in Blender, material is added in Rhino.

I am interested!