Simulating waves with Flamingo nXt and Bongo

There’s a tutorial for simulating waves when using Rhino Render and a displacement field:

Does anyone have any ideas how to achieve a similar effect when using Flamingo nXt? It would be a nice touch on our companies presentations.

What ever happened to that nice rippled ground plane that was a feature a couple of years ago. With some transparency it made a fine water surface available in the rendered display mode. It was in one a the betas and got dropped along the way. I think Brian James was responsible. Might be worth digging up for this sort of thing?

During the Rhino 5 Beta process at some point the displacement plug-ins changes also showed up in Flamingo. This support was taken out because it was causing a lot of trouble. The only way for it to work properly is that Flamingo starts to support the RDK (which is required in order for the Displacement plug-in to work). Currently the Flamingo -team is working on making that happen.

as James_dk said. do you have any idea to create a similar effect when using Flamingo?