Can the water effect show in this video be achieved using GH + Rhino render or Render Next (Cycles)?


out of curiosity, can the water effect show in this video be achieved inside rhino using some combination of tools? Or the better way would to use Unreal Studio like in the video?


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I suppose if you animated your wave texture and put it into say the PBR displacement slot.

With Bongo you could be quite close already, just need proper access to texture and material properties. Here a still with an fBM texture in the displacement slot of a PBR material in Rhino WIP

By animated texture you mean some kind of GIF? or maybe multiple textures + Grasshopper?

I tried doing something with kangaroo but the surface kept black when I tried to render. I admit I have little experience with grasshopper, trying to save some money to grab me a student license before I finish my course, so I can have it at home to work on projects and learn more in my free time, cause I have little opportunity to use grasshopper in my internship/workplace.

Final question, with the cycles render engine integrated into rhino, will it support bongo? Also, Will the user be able to follow blender tips to improve rhino render with cycles?


No, I meant a texture driven by Bongo.

Probably missing material assignment.

Bongo supports Cycles, yes.

Not much, our UI is different.

Yeah, that is something I did not know existed.

I think the movement was the problem, or the way I tried to render it, it looked like the render could never finish because the surface was moving.

The UI is different, but the option will be there right? So it is a matter of “translation” of UI? AKA, same features avaliable, as far as rendering goes.

Not sure how you are doing this, so can’t say anything useful about it.

I was talking mainly about the UI in Rhino - there is the Tools > Options > Cycles section, but other than that there is not much else revealed to the user.

Unless you mean you want to create shaders using Grasshopper, in which case you use GhShaderNodes plug-in. Those pretty much follow the idea of Blender yes, but not every Cycles node is wrapped.