Nesting randomly (sort of Wordle)

Here some words inside other words made with a script that deconstruct a shape in an array of bool.

There is no optimization in it. It uses some brute force but is quite fast, 1.5 second for 100,000 runs and 1000 pixels minimum.
Not a very clean script at the moment
nesting words (66.2 KB)

It answer a question of @luiscarlospp


Thank you so much. it works :slight_smile:

Just some questions on the script you have made.

  • I can see where to change the word love to something else. Is there a place to also change from GO to another word?

  • And if I want to convert into curves at the end, how can I do it? now when I bake it converts into mesh.

thank you again for having spent the time on this.

best regards


changing the big word is easy, change the “bigMesh” don’t forget to join the mesh in order to have just one mesh.

There are many possibilities, or you extract edges of the mesh with Mesh Edges ouptut E1. Or I can also output curves from the script that out output text in mesh
Here a modified script
nesting words (82.2 KB)


thank you again.

final question. is it possible that, instead of random fonts I can choose which ones to use?

Thank you

Yes absolutly, you must learn how to navigate in a Grasshopper script.
Follow the flow of the script, look at the input, the output, put a panel to see what it outputs, enable preview, use image to see just the selected component … Find a good tutorial and follow it

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Some test with simple polygons


New series with offset and coloring using Human plugin


Beautiful wok, but I can’t download the .gh definition files, the links image are dead?

Best regards




nesting words (18.2 KB)
Here a version,


Some new experiments
No rotations offset of 0.1, width of rectangle = 640, heigth = 320

4 rotations

8 rotations

12 rotations

8 angles and offset =2

nesting bottles (27.2 KB)


Laurent, I think you can make a business of your grasshopper ‘just for fun’ scripts.
Sell it as pieces of art. In this topic only, there is so much potential for that. Let alone the other of your scripts.


Thanks for your kind word @djordje. I still have a full time job. I hope to be able to sell thinks I’m a near future, I must receive pieces for that

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Yes bunnies, symbol of the duplicate component in Grasshopper. It seems they can be hidden in Grasshopper. I never seek the way to do it. Hope it doesn’t offence people.

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Nice!!! @laurent_delrieu It would be awesome to add a gradient map to control the density and scale of the words.For example in the bunnies the word ‘LOVE’ should appear bigger where the love happens :wink:

@Brenda buns!

I am aware of that script of yours as well. But I just read in the description that you plan to make it. Good to hear!
Anyway thank you for sharing your scripts for free, and inspiring the rest of us with innovative ideas.


How much will that table cost? I mean production costs.