Nesting randomly (sort of Wordle)

Hi Laurent, thanks for this GREAT JOB!
Is it possible to ‘control the maximum number of components’ in your module?
Thanks a lot!

Amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Happy New year 2022


hello @laurent_delrieu

really cool c# component sir,

I have one thing to ask about the placement of the geometry.

is it possible to use an image sampler as a reference for placing the geometry

something like you do in this

but not with circles,

with a rectangle or any other polygon.

in the end I wanted to create something like this

yes it is possible, but not an “image sampler” but with a colored mesh. But as my tool is not a packing tool as there is no optimization. I just place a piece in random place, look if there is no clash with other geometries. If OK place the object. So the logic with color/brightness could be to place only certain object on certain color/brightness. It will surely be not very good because there will be any gaps.

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yeah yeah got it got it.

Amazing tool! but is there a way to add a distance parameter between nested objects?

You can use an offseted mesh and use the transform on the initial object

That works, but its not optimal - it creates a lot of wasted space because the offset ensures the distance from all directions, instead of just the one direction which is facing the nearest object.

Thanks for your reply!

This tool is not very precise as it uses pixel representation of the object.

I dont really understand, have you some example screenshots?

I looked a bit at this problem.
First thing, Wordle is now as a free component in Nautilus plugin. It is a bit more simple to use as you input a geometry that will be meshed inside the plugin.

Wordle tool is not a nesting tool. If a placement is good, it is taken. There is no optimization.
There are 2 logics to place objects.
The placement is random and if it fits, object is placed.

In this mode you must have various sized object in order to fill the holes.

Second mode, the placement follows the pixels, by row or column.

So it is this mode that must be used if you want more even placement

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#wordcloud generator random #textart
i was trying to find this from last month and couldn’t find this. Thus adding some keywords I was searching for. Thanks for this script its amazing. Finally ik how to create this in grasshopper.