How to create Polygon Packing on a Surface using Kangaroo

Dear All,
I am struggling to pack a fixed number of polygons of varying sizes within a definite boundary area. I perfectly get the example of

, but when I try the same with Polygons I cannot achieve the desired results.
I have successfully achieved packing the polygons together Polygon%20Packing_gif, Polygon%20Packing|690x274, but still cannot get them to fit within a definite boundary.
Ideally, I would like to be able to start stacking them against the edges of the boundary until the gradually fill up the whole confinement.
The problem I face now is that only the central points of the polygon move along to the edge leaving the polygon fixed in its original place. I have been breaking my head over this. Help would be appreciated. Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

Hey there! Can you share the definition you used to create the linked gif? I am working on a similar problem at the moment and am interested in whether anybody has suggestions!

I am also interested that packing issue. Any help is appreciated.

here is a topic which i believe could be related to this problem