How to fill a area with multiple geometry

Hello fellow grasshopper users,
I am a Student who is new to grasshopper, therefore I would like to ask your help and input on a recent school project. This project is about finding the ideal area related lay-outs of an area with the use of geometry (pre-set circles, squares, and triangles).

The points I get stuck at:
I managed to get the script partially working with Kangaroo2, the problem is that the script works with a reset button, which by definition isn’t generative anymore. Also, this script only works with circle typologies and not with other geometries like squares. The current script works with a reset button, within my knowledge of grasshopper this will not work together with Galapagos. The script must be generative, so if you got any alternative ideas on how I can get the results I’m looking for without using Galapagos or kangaroo2 I am all ears.

  • I need to add multiple typologies of geometrics, so the area does not get filled with just circles but also works with squares and rectangles etc.
  • It must be generative, so it finds the ideal solution. this means it must work with Galapagos or something comparable. I am open for alternatives If it is not possible to let those two plugins work together.

I want to know how I can fill an area with multiple geometries in the most optimized compositions for that specific area. The fill needs to be ideal, so I want to have minimal unused space. This whole thing needs to be generative.

200514.Area (17.9 KB)

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