Final Baking and Union Difficulties

Thanks to Joseph Oster, Aris Nikolopoulos, and Lauren Delrieu for all the help on my Closed Curve and Boundary Post. I have a program that works all but the ability to Bake and Union which are the last 2 steps. At one point the Extrusion with Spheres portion would bake but when i attempted to Boolean Add in Rhino it would not add. Now i cannot even bake the Extrusion. I went through 12 pages of Bake problems in GH Forum but found nothing to help. I Flattened the data going from the extrusion and from the spheres but that didn’t seem to do anything either .

Attached are my files as well as a couple of print screens so show where the effort is today. Lots of progress thanks to this forum! The files have Unflattened data and are saved in Rhino 5.

Sphere dents in pendant Grouped (14.3 KB)

Silver lake Pendant HAMMERED GH design GH Question file R5.3dm (11.0 MB)

Any help and direction is greatly appreciated…

I did that

You will need Anemone plugin (or not I haven’t tested)

With you way of doing Rhino itself is not able to make differences between your extrusion and your pendant !!!
Sphere dents in pendant Grouped functions (17.1 KB)

Invalid Brep after many minutes.
Surely best to opt for meshes !!

Here is a solution with Mesh instead of Brep, there is a button in Red Group to test it and go fast, after that you can take the full brep. If you want more detail you will have to change Settings (Custom) Min edge and Max Edge

Sphere dents in pendant Grouped functions (17.6 KB)

And a more useful script for your problem with a last move inward of the hammered part. Disable Solver before opening I put a very little meshing.
Sphere dents in pendant Grouped functions (35.9 KB)
I obtain that 1 848 227 vertices, 3 572 577 polygons



Wow……….you went far beyond the normal help and any of my expectations. There is quite a bit I don’t understand yet about the solution but am spending the time working through each component to grasp the result. This will stretch me for some time! Thank you so much.

Carl Hill