How can I make this pattern?

Hi guys, I accacidently saw this pattern today and I tried to make it with voronoi but failed. So does anyone know how to make it?

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333333 (9.5 KB)
The thing is, what I did with voronoi really doesn’t look like the picture. So maybe it was made with another solution?

Looks like your cells just need more size variation. (23.0 KB)
Hi guys, I made a similar one, but not exactly the same. I post it to give anyone who is interested some inspiration.

Here is a way
take you curves (lines), split them in n segments with a length ratio defined
1 to 2 here

The use the line to draw an ellipsoid (length in X depending on length of segment), width and height defined by a slider.
Play with sliders (17.6 KB)


Thanks Laurent! I guess this is the right sulotion.

There is hardly ever a single “right solution”.

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Haha yes yes, I should say “one of the best solutions”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I never use Patch because it’s often not precise enough, but I played with the ‘S’ and ‘F’ input values to get results that Brep Join into a single polysurface, adapted from your code. A bit slow… (14.5 KB)

I’ve seen scalloped surfaces like this done differently but can’t remember how. Maybe Kangaroo?

I took the liberty of simplifying your code while increasing the random placement of the points, as suggested by @ftzuk. (16.8 KB)

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Here is one from @DanielPiker: