Nautilus plugin

I looked into the set of tools inside Nautilus and I’m very intrigued in getting myself familiarized with it! It is going to be one of the moslty used plugins in the GH community.

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Hello, I updated Nautilus. It was the healing that bring problems. The healing tool just try to align better the arcs.

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Following a request and this dicussion, version 1.1.2 brings :

I began to make a little tool that detects the holes in a Brep. As it is not clear for me how to use it. If you have some request or part that could be improved. At the moment it outputs 2 planes, a top one and lower one. Plane Z is pointing outside. I also output radius and if holes is both sides.
The tool trys to merge trimmed cylinders that make a whole cylinder.

In red this one is not detected. I will improve that. But the question is “What is a hole”
The green one with 2 radiuses is just like a single one. I will improve that.
Previous tool doesn’t find that

FindCylindersAndEdges (2).gh (148.5 KB)

Version 1.2 brings many new things
Examples are provided on Food4Rhino
An evaluation licence is also part of the zip and is valid until the 12th of February

Tools to make these dual things on mesh
Mesh Split on Edges (open and closed mesh)
Mesh Subdivide with Materials,

Brep Hole detection
With no filtering

With filtering

3 vector fields
Vector Field from Noise (Curl Noise)
Stepped Vector Field from Noise (Curl Noise)
Curl Noise in 2D (XY plane),

Mesh Field Line, so the curves will stay on the mesh

Cluster Mesh Extended

Field Vector On Mesh, Mesh Values On Vertex To Edge,

And others things to make stuff like this


I added 1.4 version on Package Manager then on Food4Rhino.
I added some tools for Gradient Flow


Version 1.5 is out
Curve Kernel Soft Attractor
Weights On Mesh Points
Weights On Mesh From Curves
Mesh Flow Vectors Extended (need a licence, but work partially)


Version 1.7 is out
Most tools outputting colored meshes have an option to disable the colors

I added tools to select rings, loops on mesh

Edge Loop with Angle

Edge Ring

I added FastNoiseLite, it has lots of options, some have no effects with some others selection. The tool is like that.

You can change the Gradient easily using the Gradient component.

I corrected the tool Medial Axis From Region, it must handle better the datatree.

I added a little component that can group things using topology.
Here LinePoint and Point Line topology. The tools will give the indexes of line in a group (A) and indexes of point (B)


Great work!

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New on version 1.8
Fast Noise Lite on Mesh with Warpdistorsion
No Warp

With Warp

Domain Warp is also a solo component that can be applied to points and used with other noise tool. Mainly it generates displacement vectors.

Equation on Mesh, this tool is faster than Legacy Grasshopper one, but it lacks some functionnality and is limited to variable, x, y and z.

Smooths Vectors on Mesh smooths vectors like discussed here

and there

Field from equation allows you to write an equation for each direction of the field.

Split Mesh along Polyline it is a limited to a single polyline defined by vertex mesh indexes, but is useful for TSP From Meshcomponent

Weights on points from equationsallows you to calculate weights on points depending on an equation, it is faster than Grasshopper