Nautilus plugin

I just published on food4rhino my plugin named Nautilus.

@DanielPiker , I use one of your script, tell me if it is OK for you.

This plugins allows to:

  • Draw Spirals
  • Make directional Reaction Diffusion on a mesh
  • Make perfect Maze on a mesh
  • Generate single line path useful for 3d printing (will be licenced)
  • Tools to make thin structure objects(will be licenced)
    • Clustering,
    • Flattening
    • Riveting
      Some tools needs ergonomic modifications or bug treatment.

Some of the tools requires a licence. At the moment there is a key that is good up to the end of the year.

Many new tools must be added in the next months. Tell me if you want something or if there are bugs (I have seen some).


Hi @laurent_delrieu congratulations on the new plugin. Looking forward to trying it out. Yes I’m happy for you to use that script, thanks for checking.


Really enjoying this so far, thanks Laurent.


I put a list of examples on food4rhino


Thanks for the shout-out! And best of luck with the plug-in.

Hi, the link to f4r seems broken, and can you post some images of the use?

Nautilus | Food4Rhino


Hi @Holo
You will find here some of the results that coud be done by the plugin
Mesh clustering subject

Single line fill

Directional reaction diffusion


Some new geodesic that output all geodesics found

Also a pack and scale to Unit component. So whatever scale geometries could be seen on the same scale.


Absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing!

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Looks great @laurent_delrieu ! Congrats.

Will this work in 2023?

The plugin works just some components will output partial results. Components with red or yellow square.
I will perhaps suppress these components from this plugins.

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This looks awesome! Are you able to show example files for the reaction diffusion module and others? Looking back at the old examples is confusing as they have different modules.

I put some examples on food4rhino


I saw the screenshots but completely overlooked the examples in the download section. Thank you!

The Food4Rhino page is missing

I suppress it from food4rhino. If i reload it i must change the licencing suppress some tools that nobody want to buy. What are your interest


Nautilus is back!

I added some components.
Component to outputs fonts and text as curve, surface or brep

One component to cut a mesh/brep rotate the part and link the 2 parts.

A tool to calculate the radius of branches of tree

A tool to envelop a network of lines (that lies on a surface or a mesh)

A tool to carve a mesh with deformed ellipses

A tool to add arc on a polycurve

Spiral on a sphere at constant distance. Useful to populate a sphere with spheres.

Here a little one that was useful is some applications. It is a mesh sphere with a specified tolerance. So the number of faces depends on the radius and the precision specified.


HI, How can i obtain the Plug-in? I cant fund in food for rhino

There is a validation process and it is the week end!


Very well, thanks!