Reaction diffusion curves

very cool to see some very nice work. For the integration of you tool why not. I have done mine that will be in Nautilus plugin. It is quite generic (I hope).
The logic is to put a weight on the edge and if above the limit, there will be a Valley crossing this Edge.
So I have made some tool to add weights on edges.
For example here sort of curvature (like Entagma) along the edge and on the side of the edge

Using these values on edge , I have now this component that make the meshes, each face as an index (0 1 or 2) so it could be possible to assign different material but also to Subdivide the whole mesh using Catmull and Clark subdivision and keeping material

It is also possible to use my Maze tools

Or cluster then maze

Angle on edge from curve is also possible

And direction + reaction diffusion

And field could be used also