Nautilus plugin

This looks awesome! Are you able to show example files for the reaction diffusion module and others? Looking back at the old examples is confusing as they have different modules.

I put some examples on food4rhino


I saw the screenshots but completely overlooked the examples in the download section. Thank you!

The Food4Rhino page is missing

I suppress it from food4rhino. If i reload it i must change the licencing suppress some tools that nobody want to buy. What are your interest


Nautilus is back!

I added some components.
Component to outputs fonts and text as curve, surface or brep

One component to cut a mesh/brep rotate the part and link the 2 parts.

A tool to calculate the radius of branches of tree

A tool to envelop a network of lines (that lies on a surface or a mesh)

A tool to carve a mesh with deformed ellipses

A tool to add arc on a polycurve

Spiral on a sphere at constant distance. Useful to populate a sphere with spheres.

Here a little one that was useful is some applications. It is a mesh sphere with a specified tolerance. So the number of faces depends on the radius and the precision specified.


HI, How can i obtain the Plug-in? I cant fund in food for rhino

There is a validation process and it is the week end!


Very well, thanks!

@laurent_delrieu But the cost of the plug-in? There is no price indication on the site.

The price will be on food4rhino. But i have to make it clear what is included or not.


There is also a tool to populate an image
2 first images with standard settings and use of Remove Overlapping Circles and if you don’t want to use it, use the Cs Output of Populate an Image


And now on 0.5 version a tool to make hexagons on a surface with seams, like a revolved one a tube, a pipe, … You just have to give a surface, a number of ring and to specify the orientation
It will gives quite regular hexagons/polylines with 7 points.

Look at this discussion to have more tools and tricks


Today I added on 0.6 version some new tools

Gilbert Tessellation (2D and 3D)

Belousov-zhabotinsky reaction /Stepped Bump on Dual Mesh

SnowFlake growth/Stepped Bump on Dual Mesh

Noise on Mesh


I added a 0.7 version.

there is a tool too color the faces of the dual mesh (color at the vertex of the mesh)

A component apply directly the color to the mesh vertices.

Mesh colored is now seen as an output for Reaction Diffusion

Script to do that (licence level 1 needed to get this result)


Following these discussions and for a future release (0.8)

I made an implementation in my Nautilus plugin of stable positions of a list of objects. In order to work it needs some geometries that are closed (volume and centroid calculation). Using Pack it is possible to see all the stables positions.

Cow is funny, 9 stable positions

I also added a 3d convex hull, not a lot of news except that it accept many type of geometries (point, curve, brep, surface …). This rely on Grasshopper SDK tool GH_convert.ToMesh( …)

As Easter is approaching I added some eggs

Also I add coloring if multiple meshes are outputted


This looks more like it’s Christmas every week with all those new tools to discover !..

Most of the tools are old ones that I made to answer some questions.
I have also

  • YANG Nodes.
  • From Mesh To DualMesh Transition.
  • Image knitting.
  • MacroWindow(Morpheus).
  • Wire bundling
  • blur line
  • Geodesic wave front
  • Roof generator (medial axis)
  • Medial axis for shapes with holes
  • Growing circles/anemone
  • Curve suppress prockets (for tools like CNC)
  • Manhattan voronoi
  • Some patterns ( Hybycozo style)
  • Image thinner
  • Interlocked spiral
  • and surely some others

And I keep some just for me and some need a licence to work well.


Version 0.8 published
I added my version of Curve Divide Distances (work with linear search), thanks for the interface (wrap), I also implemented yours but it stays on my PC but you could surely make a plugin. Just an advise, separate gha from the tools, so make a library.

Mesh Cage morph, useful to use @DanielPiker MeshCageMoprh2

Quad Mesh groove

Mesh Quad strip (for also for triangles but not good)


Nice work!
Also - in Rhino 8, as an alternative to MeshCageMorph you could use MorphToMesh to map geometry to the hexagons from your HexagonOnSurface component (75.0 KB)