How to Print Large Page Size

My architectural printer has roll paper over various width. If I want want to create a PDF, presumably, I need to create a custom page size of the desired roll width and a length large enough for the document to be printed.

However, in rhino the custom page size option is always grayed out.

In other applications, such a Word, I can create a custom page size in the Page Setup dialog and select in the Print dialog.

Then I can create a PDF of an size.

How does one do this in Rhino?

Hallo, I have no idea how this works on a mac, on windows I use pdfcreator or similar, installed as a printer.

That’s what I’ve done on Windoze and can do in applications other than Rhino on the Mac.

For some reason, in Rhino you cannot change the paper size when doing a PDF like you can do in other applications.


would love to leave that Windoof ( sorry, you need to understand german to get this ) world, but I need to print to A0 daily…

Recently I also had trouble under Win with a huge drawing. As a workaround I have printed to jpg in high resolution, and saved to pdf in Irfan View.

I’m shock that no one appears to be printing large documents.

I use PrimoPDF as virtual printer, there I can make the size as I want.

Are you using PrimoPDF on the mac?

I have tried another PDF maker and I still cannot change the page size through Rhino (but can with other applications).

Hi - Are you trying this on Rhino 5 or the WIP for Rhino 6? A custom size PDF seems to be working from the WIP here…

Rhino 5. I’ll Try the WIP and see.

Where’s the link to it these days?

This URL will always get you to the latest RhinoWIP:

What’s the license key? I tried my own and it says it belongs to someone else.

If you don’t have your MR50 license key handy or the page is giving you an error, you will need to contact our sales team (or perhaps @brian can help).

We discussed this before in THIS thread. It was (and still is) my belief that it had everything to do with the printer driver that you have installed. If it does not allow you to define custom paper sizes, that’s it I think, but maybe someone at McNeel can prove me wrong (I use 5.4.2.).
As I described, my printer driver will allow me to define a custom size, but will not print it, so I change to the pdf printer halfway through the process.


(I am using THIS pdf printer app)

I got a new license key but, whenever I try to download it from the web site I get a message that I am using someone else’s key.

I got the same message with my original key and the new one sales sent me.

I think this is an issue that @brian can help with.

I got theWIP installed (but not yet licensed). However, I was still not able to change the page size for a PDF with any printer driver.