Slow to switch views using icons Mac 6 WIP

Very slow switching views using the view icons

Sorry for the slow uptake on this one. Can you please be more specific? Which icons are you clicking? A screenshoot might be helpful here so we know where to look.


Hi Dan, In version 5 our named views were just the word description. (see jpeg enclosed). Version 6 WIP has a picture of the view as well and that’s what I was clicking on. I found quite a few issues with the WIP and went back to using V5 to get some urgent work done so I don’t remember clearly what all the issues were.

Regards, Tony

Hello - you can switch to a list by right-click and choose ‘View mode’ from the context menu - does that do it?


Pascal- I have an apple mouse - so no right click. Cannot find a “View Mode” command. Changing a view using the icons takes between 8 and 10 seconds. Type the command “front” or “right” into the command bar and the change is instant- same as v5.
Tried clicking the little icons above the view menu (the eye) but the program crashed repeatedly. Too many issues for me to continue testing.


Yep, thanks, I see now. The typed commands change the view in the current viewport, the icons change to a different existing viewport. Notice if you type Top while in Perspective there is no more Perspective, but two Tops. 4View does not change this back -I’d call that a bug.
(Here, it’s not a delay but a black viewport)


RH-49612 should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP.