Printing Across Multiple Pages



I have a model that I would like to print as 1" = 16’. I would like to print on letter size paper 1xN tiled. I would like to have about 1" overlap between pages. Is there some simple way to do this?


I’m surprised this question is so tough.

(John Brock) #3

I think if you print from Rhino to a large (bigger than your printer) PDF, then in a tool like Acrobat Reader, you can print and choose a “poster” option that spans multiple sheets.
It’s been a while since I needed to do that.


SplitPrint from the Appstore


Is there some way to change the page size in Rhino? When I try to select CUSTOM PAGE SIZE on the print dialog box in Rhino it is grayed out. In all my other applications I can set a custom page size.