Setting the Paper Size for PDF

Is there some way to set the paper size in Rhino when creating a PDF?

In Rhino the custom paper size option is grayed out while in all my other applications it is selectable.

I thought this would be an easy one.

I can create a new page size in, say, Word, but the custom page size is grayed out in Rhino so I cannot use it.

What I have found that appears to work is to create the desired paper size in Word. In the Mac printer settings make that the default page size for the printer. Then I can use it from Rhino. Still puzzling why the custom page size is grayed out in Rhino.

I don’t think Rhino is at fault here, what you can or cannot do is dependant on the printer driver for the active printer.
I am using a trick which is almost the opposite of what you experienced. When I want to create an oversize PDF, my default (and physical, a Brother model) printer WILL allow me to create a custom paper size in the Rhino interface window, but when I then select to open a PDF in Preview, or create a PDF, it refuses, saying it is not a paper size my printer can handle. I then switch to a virtual pdf printer, which WILL NOT let me specify a custom size, but WILL produce the oversize PDF without failure.

I do have to repeat the trick every time I want a special size though, when I just open the virtual pdf printer I can see the custom sizes I created last time, but they will be greyed out. Go figure…


I’ve got three printer drivers now and none of them allow me to change the page size in Rhino but I can change the page size in other applications.

FWIW: THIS is the one I am using

Edit: Sorry, wrong language. Don’t know where you are, but the printer type is Brother DCP-J152W