Can't Print to PDF Custom paper size (2050x400) mm

Can´t Print to PDF Custom paper size (2050x400) mm

i have a layout confg with a paper size (2050x400) mm.
But trying to print to PDF the file there is no way to put those sizes …
The options of paper size are too limited

That must be a limitation of the printer driver you are using, not a Rhino thing. Install another PDF printer.

Looks like you Rhinoceros version has its own limitations too… :grin:

To your question, click that properties option and you can figure it out I believe…

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I also used to do this for printing on a big plotter.
From what I remember is that you can set a custom size from the plotters driver.

If that doesn’t help you can also make a image file with custom size and print that.
(but that leaves the question if the scale is still correct)

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I found this very useful if you’re thinking of printing a PDF on a custom size paper :slight_smile:


I’m having issues with creating an Adobe PDF custom page. I’m able to change the dimensions in the Adobe preferences (33.125 x 140.4375 in) but it only works with a maximum width of 129 inches in Rhino. Any idea why?



Hi Hayden -

We have no control over how the Adobe PDF printer works. You have resurrected a thread that was started before the Rhino PDF printer was added. Please use the Rhino version.

Hi Wim,

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure what the situation is with R7 but the raster quality in Rhino PDF is not very good (hazy) and the vector lines are very heavy (can’t differentiate the shades of greys for instance). I’ll have to think of another way to work around this issue.