How to create a large (dimensional) pdf?

I am trying to create a full size pdf of my 2D design. My hardware printer is only A4 size max., so I created a custom paper size “A1” that is large enough to contain the drawing. All margins and offsets are set to zero. The preview in the print window looks fine. When I click the pdf button on the lower left, and select show in Preview or save as pdf, I am getting this message:

Does anyone have a solution on how to get around this?


Not sure, but on Windows you would need to have a virtual PDF printer installed, as the driver for a physical printer will not allow you to print larger than its maximum size. On Mac, I thought PDF printing was native, but I don’t know how that works… --Mitch

@maxz works fine here when I create a custom page size. The only difference I can see is, is My setting presets is ‘Default’ instead of ‘Last Settings Used’.

FWIW «Randy

Woks fine here too, I´ve tested with a custom A1.

Thanks for the response guys. @rhinorudi : I did change to “Default Settings”, unfortunately I am getting the same result as before.


@maxz does this happen if you use a preset? Can you save to PDF?

It does seem odd, because for my understanding the Print Dialog is related to the OS not Rhino.

Does this happen if you try to print to PDF in another app?

You are right, Randy. It also happens in other apps (Sketchbook Express), so it is O.S., not Rhino. The odd thing is that, even though I specified a custom paper size, it does not show up in the “Scale to Fit Paper Size”-dialog. So I am only getting a choice to scale to the sizes that my physical printer can handle, and clearly that results in a scaled down picture, not the 1:1 size I am after.
I think I have to install some pdf printing app, that or install a large size printer if that is possible without having the real thing in the house.

p.s. saving does not work either, same problem. What did you mean by ‘use a preset’?

One of the print dialogs formats, A4 - letter (US) for example, as opposed to a custom paper size A1 in your case.

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Ja, ik snap het. Yes, if I select one of the presets that came with my printer (driver), I can create pdf’s of any part not exceeding that size, or preview/save cropped sections of my drawing, which can be manipulated with the Margins and Position settings.


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Not sure how to configure printer to print in sections, sounds like a Google job.

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