Grasshopper radial menu not working with the middle mouse-button as advertised in Rhino 6!

Hi @dan and everybody else,

Despite some reservations, I’ve upgraded my license to Rhino 6 (6.16.19205.01052, 2019-07-24) today, mainly to support further development.
Unfortunately, the radial menu inside Grasshopper still can’t be brought up with the MMB, which surprised me, since this was advertised by @dan in one his latest posts about the first Rhino 6 release candidate.

When I click the MMB on my Logitech MX Master 2s bluetooth mouse in Grasshopper nothing happens!
It doesn’t seem to matter whether I hover the cursor over the blank canvas, unselected components, or selected components.
I haven’t mapped anything else to the MMB, if you are wondering.

I hope you can fix this soon. As you already know, @dan, I like to use the radial menu! :wink:

Dan’s note is for the 6.17 release candidate which was also released yesterday. See his post for how to get that build.

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My bad, thanks for pointing this out, @stevebaer!
Works like a charm after the update.

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I am having the same problem reported, but my rhino is updated and this issue only happens with a specific mouse model (logitech g402), other models work just fine

I had such a problem. I just simply used Ctrl+space bar instead of MMB.

As mac user, normal tracepad don’t have middle button. But using “option” + “space” can also do the job of bring up the menu.