Request: Make the hotkey for invoking the radial menu in Grasshopper great again!

Hello everybody,

In the latest version of RhinoWIP for macOS (6.15.19099.12046), the hotkey to invoke the radial menu in Grasshopper has been remapped, from the SPACEBAR, to ALT + SPACEBAR. The SPACEBAR has inherited the component search menu.
I’m not at all opposed to change, if it benefits the experience, but ALT + SPACEBAR as a hotkey for the radial menu is simply annoying.

For me personally, pressing that key combination maybe 100th of times a day, is ergonomically disagreeable. I get that this might be different for every person, though.

Even more irritating is that each time that the radial menu pops up on the screen, a chime is produced. It sounds awfully similar to the chime that macOS produces, when it blocks rapid, chaotic key combinations, for instance if your cat walks over the keyboard, or warns the user about aborting some erroneous task.

Furthermore, why does search need a single key hotkey, if using double-click on the canvas is probably prominently used by most users? Or why use the spacebar for component search, if the summoned components don’t appear on your mouse location, but in the center of the canvas instead. This doesn’t seem practical to me!

I would propose, to simply map the component search to TAB, which doesn’t seem to have any key mappings in Grasshopper so far, and make the called components appear on mouse location, instead of canvas center please (works quite well in Houdini).
The radial menu could thus be mapped back to the SPACEBAR.
Furthermore, I’d at least like an option, to invoke the radial menu with my middle mouse button, like on Windows. I get that a lot of Windows users think that mac users are exclusive to single button Apple mice, but your wrong. Most people that work in CG have third-party mice with scroll wheels!