Grasshopper UI bugs

Hi, I noticed a couple of bugs in Grasshopper’s UI in the latest v6 Beta for Mac:

  1. When I open the expression designer by double-clicking on the component, the icon layout is overlapping as follows. Resizing the window fixes the problem instantly.


  2. The icons on the left hand side of the Save dialogue box are stretched and cut off:

These are both very minor, but I hope the reports help!

I see that here. Logged in:

RH-53427 Grasshopper: Expression Editor component initially overwrites contents

Thanks for pointing that out. Hard to say why that escaped notice until now.

I can’t reproduce this one. What happens when you drag the dividing line between the list on the left and the Finder navigator on the right? Does it self-correct?

Hmm, I have tried to reproduce the save box bug too and cannot seem to either. That is odd. Thank you for your reply!

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Strange things happen. Thanks again for checking and reporting!

The Expression Design UI hiccup should be fixed in the latest Rhino 6 for Mac SR17 Release Candidate.