V6 crash with snapshots and other bugs

Rhino V6 beta is crashing using snapshots and trying to close a slideshow animation with the red button in the animation toolbar.

Renaming a snapshot doesn’t work for all snapshots… I was only able to change 2 of 9 snapshots with the view in thumbnail mode - in list mode it works ok. After changing the name of the snapshot (slow double click in the textfield under the thumbnail) the name reverts back to the previous - and the name strangely stars flowing in the air when scrolling the thumbnail view…

I’ll send the file to tech.
Edit: I already sent the crash dump.


Well nice… I got a server error.
Have to try again later.


No luck uploading today - have to try again tomorrow.


It is probably better to send them a wetransfer. I did that as well.

I’ll wait until tomorrow and see if they can fix it…


Hello Philip,
my experience with snapshots is that during their use I came to use even more than 130gb of memory. The problem seems to be this. They use too much memory and get to block the entire system. Out of system memory with snapshot
I made a presentation with iMovie using 199 snapshots. It was very difficult. The use of snapshots with Rhino BETA have blocked the entire system at least 3 times (the only possibility is to turn off the Mac with the on / off button). To prevent the problem from happening again, I closed and reopened Rhino every few time to allow me to finish the job (I always monitor open activity and check it often). I hope things improve because it would be great to keep the workflow inside Rhino without using other programs.


Ah, yes, now I remember your post about the problem. I’m not sure that this the same problem though - I had only 9 snapshots… Whatever the problem(s) is/are, I hope they can fix them. Snapshots doesn’t seem to be useable at all - for me, at least - if I can get a crash that easily.


I still get a server error… Is a compressed 60 MB file to big?

Edit: Ok, I got tired of waiting… The McNeel server isn’t working (or my file is too big). Sent the file to tech using WeTransfer.
@dan, @lars, @pascal


Hi Philip - thanks, I have your file… 60MB should be fine to upload to tech via www.rhino3d.com/upload, though.


Ok, thanks Pascal! I used tech@mcneel.com as it says here. That should work also, right?


We have the file, but you’re generally describing tools that I do not use.

Any chance you can describe a fairly detailed command sequence to follow that will result in a crash?

The only thing I see that seems odd off the top is your Angle tolerance is set to 0.001 degrees. That seems impossibly small.

Hi Philip - this link from that page ought to work - https://www.rhino3d.com/upload but apparently not always. At any rate, on my little macbook Air, restoring snapshots with animation in this file is painful but it does get there eventually. It’s making testing… long, however. I’ll see if I can get to the crashing state as you did.
(So far it works on my beefier PC)

I’ve been fiddling around with your snapshots and a turntable animation in the current public BETA, and so far I’m not able to repeat a crash or any problems other than this file is way to big for my little 13" MBP.

Hi Pascal and John! You should be getting a video with the crash soon (WeTransfer).

As you can see the crash occurs when pressing the red button in the toolbar at the end of the video.

If you watch carefully you should also se a couple of other bugs (pressing “do not show this message again” has no effect - and the block instances/electronic components move ‘oddly’ and also temporarily revert to wireframe).

I’ll get back to you about the renaming bug…

Edit: Systeminfo_MacBook Pro.txt (2.7 KB)


Video about the renaming bug sent.


Hi Philip, Thanks for the video captures, very helpful.

The crash bug in closing the snapshot animation toolbar is something I can reproduce here, I will file this now as an internal bug report since it contains your model. In the meantime, I found that clicking the Stop button versus the Close button avoids the crash.

The second renaming of the snapshots issue is also reproducible here but only when using Rhino on a second monitor. This is filed as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-53459 for future reference and will hopefully get tuned up soon.

Ok, thanks!

To me it happens on my laptop without external display. Anyway… Good that you can reproduce it.


The crash when closing should be fixed in the latest Rhino 6 for Mac SR17 Release Candidate.

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