Radial menu doese not work :(

Hello! I’ve just a newbie in grasshoper.

On a tutorials i’ve seen people using radial menu. I founded in help manuals what there is a hot key for it: space bar or midle mouse click. But on my computer both of that keys doesent work: raidal menu does not appear on screen.

I use RhinoWIP on a MacBook Air. When pressing space bar i hear some sort of mac warning sound, but i see - it does nothing, doesent matter i press it while my mouse over canvas or over a node in grasshopper window. Middle mouse click does not work too.

@dan I don’t see a yt item for this, although I’m sure it’s a known item… Did I miss something? --Mitch

youtracked: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-2537