Bridge command SubD

I found this bug when i’m trying to use SubD "Bridge command line.
I wish to fix it.

Thanks for the report, I’m trying to figure out the exact issue you are showing. Is it that the result twists or that the ends are not smoothly blending into the adjacent faces? The first twist issue is likely due to the pick location of the edges on either side but you can click the white dots around the edges to swap the direction during the preview if so. If it still happens regardless of that, please post a 3dm with the objects prior to Bridge and I’ll take a look. For the smooth blending into the adjacent faces around the holes, set the output to be welded in the command line options. I’ve filed a request already that this be the default for Bridge as well. Thanks.

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Good options in the clayoo plug-in for bridging We have great capabilities to perform bridge operations through the various facets or methods available in the option while there is only one method in the Bridge rhino7 command. The edges are

the list of useful cammand for subd and mesh is:
1-tickness for subd
3-symmetry(radial and planer)
6-selection type methods
7’-connect {face and edge by curve path}
11_insert edge and face
12-rail revolve
13-organi pipe
and pleeas all the list of cammand subd for grasshopper

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Thanks for the suggestions of Bridge enhancements.

  • Alignment adjustment is possible now using the handles during the preview

  • Divisions across the Bridge is possible now using the segments option

Did I miss anything?


Rhino’s SubD commands should look to those of Tspline, primarily, and also to Clayoo.
Not to copy, to imitate, but as a reference, since these very powerful plug-ins have been developed before and have had the time to mature and be consolidated.
I’m sure that little by little the Rhino SubD tools will improve, it seems to me that the starting base is good, but still, very, very incomplete, a little primitive.

Filed as OffsetSrf support for subd srfs

Filed as InsertPoint support for subd an alias called Knife may be needed here (I asked for the same initially) but I think the functionality will be the same. Try it on a mesh now to test. Subd edges have mid snaps too which differs from mesh edges currently so it will be easy to cut the face evenly once InsertPoint works on subd.

Filed as for planar, I’ll add your vote for radial as well.

Can you give me some more info on what you want here? Look at CollapseMeshVertex and CollapseMeshEdge on meshes now. Is this what you want on a subd? It tends to make lots of tris which is why I’m asking. Also see if Ctrl + Shift select / sub-object select > Delete of subd verts and edges is of use for comparison to a traditional collapse in mesh modeling. I’ll file what we need but want to make sure I get it right.

Weld works on subd edges and verts now using WeldEdge or RemoveCrease which is on the Subd toolbar. The counterparts would be UnweldEdge or Crease. I think this is what you want, let me know if not.

Does the Filter menu > sub-objects let you do what you’re after? Also try the Named Selections panel to save selections of faces, edges, ctrl pts etc.

I think this is the guide curve Bridge enhancement but also see the present method using sweeps above.

I think you’re looking for subd Split support essentially with a Slice tool. I filed

Filed as

Filed as

Filed as for InsertEdge subd support and for sub-object subdivision. You can also try Inset now on a subd face for adding one face in the center on another.

Filed as . Use a sub-d friendly curve (option in Curve command) and then ToSubd on the result of RailRevolve ought to work in the meantime.

Pipe has subd support already, if you mean multiple pipe intersections this is something that is being discussed and experimented with. You can use the Dendro add-on for GH now to make voxels and then QuadRemesh that to get to subd.

There are some components now for making subd from mesh or extracting the control polygon from a subd to get a mesh. Not a lot else right now but I’m sure more will come. FYI @DavidRutten

If possible, can you please make separate posts about individual features you need or want changed? This will help developers make sense of the thread and understand the key points when they reference the discussion later. Thanks!

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@BrianJ Brian, two comments here:

1A. Is it possible to make this tool history-enabled? it would be very useful to live edit the outside surface of something and seeing how/when you reach the clearance you need with internal components of a product.

1B. Can we also allow SubD object to have that thickened sharing trick? BTW… MAJOR BUG: that whole row of buttons of properties for objects (thicken/dimensions/edge-softening…) is gone in this week build:

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I wish to see the Bridge on SubD like Modo.

Bridge on Modo.

RH-53773 is fixed in the latest WIP

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SubD support for Bevel is added into Rhino WIP. See Bevel for SubD.


RH-49917 is fixed in the latest WIP


Please enable bridge face after executing the bridge command by selecting face or edge option

I know you added this feature, but please enable it after running the command for better results


The use of guide curves with Bridge is still on file as a request and currently set for 7.x which means it would not be in 7.0.

Are you asking that the option to add guide curves be available when in the middle of running Bridge?


No, I didn’t mean to execute the bridge face command as we would after the bridge command
Not before executing the command

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Thanks, I get it now and see the same… filed as