Exploring SubD in the Rhino 7 WIP / 9.17.19


very nice!

thank you …very useful

Thanks for sharing this Brian! I really like the progress!

You mentioned commands “fill” and “insert edge”. Love these!
Are there any other hidden commands for sub-d like these that are currently available that we can test out?

Double-clicking an edge with shift+ctrl to create an edge loop is amazing. I was wondering is there a possibility to do the same but to select an edge ring instead of edge loop? I tried experimenting with the keyboard combination of ctrl, shift, alt but didn’t get anything…

I wrote a while back my feedback on what I would like to see in Sub-D tools and I am glad that some of these things are already coming along. So I would like to ask if there are any news about the following commands.

  • Smooth toggle command (toggles between Sub-D and low-poly mode)
  • Weld points command (I know that you have “Stitch” but not sure if it’s still ready for Sub-D)
  • Axial symmetry / Radial Symmetry


Good question. Check out dragging a SubD face sub-object selection with Alt/Option held or tapped while dragging. It now copies the face so you can start modeling from it, back to some hole for instance with Bridge. I also really like the ability to use Pull and Project on SubD control points. This helps matching the curvature of existing objects.

Some stuff I’m waiting on that is slated for 7.0 but not in the WIP currently: Box mode, Symmetry, sub-object subdivide, larger patch creation with ToNurbs, texture unwrap for SubD objects.

Thanks for the feedback, it helps the developers prioritize what to work on next!


You were right, ctrl+shift+alt+double click on a parallel edge will select the ring. But you’ll need one edge already sub-object selected. Forgot to answer that earlier :slight_smile:


Wow guys, great progress, tool is getting better all the time.

Still can’t replace Tsplines for me yet, do need these features:

  • Axial Symmetry
  • Control mesh/smooth mode toggle
  • Full size nurbs patches on conversion

Is there is technical reason why the final conversion to nurbs is a surface for every SubD face? This is a PITA for further processing like booleans and fillets as for sure one of those face edges are going to be in the right place to cause a failure.

Are any of the SubD tools in Grasshopper yet? Could I roll my own symmetry process?

I have a project today that could be built in SubD, might give it a go…



quoted for 100% approval.

SubD in Rhino looks so promising, so tempting, but without these commands/functions it remains close to useless to me (and many others)


Yes. It is simply harder to make bigger NURBS patches from a bunch of SubD faces. This is actively being worked on, though.

This is what is in Grasshopper now:


Good commands were added and developers were trying to make it better and I did this with subd hopefully


No question about that.
As I said: SubD already looks very promising.
I t just lacks a few commands which are imho fundamental for a typical Nurbs<->SubD workflow.

Agree with these 100%, full size but s patches on conversion is really important.

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sorry. What?

Thanks Brian! Appreciate it! Great improvements :slight_smile:


Hi Wim,

Thanks for the heads up - I ran into an issue tho - GH ‘Geo’ type coverts the SubD to a Brep and I cant use the SubD components.

What I was planning on trying was have a ‘Half’ model SubD in Rhino, extract the control mesh in GH, mirror it and then create a final closed, water tight single mesh/SubD from both sides of the control mesh.

Anyway - I’ll need to wait longer to try…



Hi - a lot remains to be done, yes.
If you really want to fiddle with that at this point, you could reference a “half-model” mesh in Rhino, mirror, join, and convert that to Sub-D in Grasshopper. That way you get both the control mesh “box” modeling style and symmetry.


The technical reason is that “it’s hard”. Fortunately, @pierrec is working hard on this problem, and we expect to be able to deliver many fewer surfaces when converting SubD to NURBS. I don’t know when that feature will arrive in the build, though.


Thanks for the update @brian and @pierrec - good luck and for sure once its done I’ll buy you a beer or two!

Keep up the good work guys!



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That is great work ! Thanks also for subd’s flowonsurface with history…now we wait the axial symmetry …

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Thank you so much,
I’m really excited…

is there a way if having Crease options on edges?
1- No Crease
2- Crease
3- Soft Crease (something between hard and soft) I think Maya has this option.