Missing Properties panel modifiers

That works now if you offset a NURBS srf so I’m hoping it would also work with subd. There’s isn’t a prototype of this to test yet but I added your comment to the report. Thanks.

This would be support for all the render mesh modifiers… I filed it as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-54111

I’m not seeing that here, is it a panel redraw issue, does toggling to another panel and back restore them? Can you try some other objects too to see if it’s specific to a particular object?

tried other objects, changing panels, closing that tab and reopening, restarting rhino… nothing. Still gone.

Also this build is crashing a lot. Not even saving a temp file, no crash report, nothing. Rhino just vanishes.

Okay, thanks for testing those. I’m not sure what the issue might be yet with the missing Properties modifier icons. The crashes without any reporter are also good to know, if you have a specific model and series of steps those would be great to see.

@JohnM any ideas on the Props icons? This is the v7 WIP on Win. @brian FYI, crash report but no reporter appearing.

@brian I will be checking in a big Rhino 7 properties panel update next week, I don’t want to do it this week as I will be out from Wednesday - Monday.