Bevel for SubD

Hi all,

We’ve added SubD support for Bevel command in the latest Rhino WIP.
There are several things that are still work in progress, e.g. OffsetMode=Proportional and bevel positioning in Smooth mode.
Please, test it out and share your needs and wishes so we can make it into a useful tool.


Hi @Jussi_Aaltonen
Initial testing shows KeepCreases=No not working. Creases are there, no matter the setting - unless I’m misunderstanding the option. Note the thick edges, indicating that the result has creased edges on the side of the bevel.


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Wow! The @Jussi_Aaltonen example appears to have utility as a powerful pseudo-fillet command.

Haven’t tested, and likely won’t get the chance soon, but looking forward to the first future project where we try and use this…

Would love to see anyone else’s attempts at typically filleting situations - e.g., geometry originally nurbs polysufaces.

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Thanks for spotting that @Normand. That is a bug indeed but it’s not directly related to what KeepCreases is for:
Before beveling:

After beveling with KeepCreases=Yes

After beveling with KeepCreases=No

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Thanks for the explanation @Jussi_Aaltonen! And cool option with the “KeepCreases” (and makes a lot more sense, than what I was seeing!).