V6 Feature: Grasshopper 1.0 in Rhino 6

Grasshopper 1.0 is included with Rhino WIP and will be released with Rhino 6. It is now feature complete and ready for rigorous testing. Please report any problems that you find.

  • Grasshopper plug-in developers, many plugins will work without change, unless you call into C++ DLLs that link with the Rhino 5 SDK. It is important that you start testing them now.

  • Existing Grasshopper users, everything should work as expected, including all existing definitions and plug-ins.

  • New Grasshopper users, most existing tutorials should work.


Besides your beta posts any suggestions on what might be new that needs testing? A few scripts of mine work just fine! I remember posts talking about the grasshopper preview drawing similarly to native rhino objects. Is that to come or is that here? I don’t see a difference in how things are shaded.

The version that ships with Rhino6 is almost entirely the same as the last release for Rhino5. There are no new features, though there may be some new components… I lost track. GH1 for Rhino6 does contain many bug fixes that we’ve accumulated since the last independent release.

One major thing I’m still working on is the ability to scale up (parts of) the interface so the icons and text aren’t too small to parse on small-pixel screens.

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I found these today in Rhino for Mac WIP. I had not noticed you added these. Of course, they are there in Rhino for Windows WIP.

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Oh yeah, I think those only exist because RhinoCommon on Rhino6 exposes those SpaceMorphs. So they must be new.

Is there something else I need to do other then typing in grasshopper in WIP? Because when I do this Rhino crashes. I get to see the loading screen from grasshopper and then it crashes.

Nope, that should be all you’d have to do. Did the crash reporter dialog pop up and did you submit it? At a guess, I’m thinking it might be .Net related or GPU drivers.

@brian may have a better idea but let us know if there was a crash report please.

I did do a crash report. If it helps, I noticed it was showing some text in the command bar just before crashing so I tried it again and make a screenshot just before crashing. Might have anything to do with the plugins I have installed?

unless you call into C++ DLLs that link with the Rhino 5 SDK

Can you elaborate on that? Is it because the c++ sdk contains breaking changes between v5 and WIP?

Mine was crashing too. Do you have elefront? If yes, move out of Libraries.

Yes, the C++ SDK does contain breaking changes. We have also switched compilers from VS2010 to VS2015

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Hoping others can confirm but I’m seeing the “grab” functionality of Kangaroo 2 broken in the WIP. I know it’s a rather specific issue. Perhaps McNeel could suggest another workaround for Daniel Piker to implement?

[quote=“DavidRutten, post:3, topic:29763”]
One major thing I’m still working on is the ability to scale up (parts of) the interface so the icons and text aren’t too small to parse on small-pixel screens.
[/quote] Thanks David, lots of Grasshopper today on 4K and my eyes were so tired from it.

Will we also be able to have Grasshopper as a viewport (tiled with other viewports) instead of floating window?


I was thinking the same thing. I think it would be much more convenient to have grasshopper in a viewport instead. I think most people these days have wide or ultra-wide monitors with much more screen space, making it unnecessary to have as a separate window.


Those new components are those provided by the Jackalope plugin written by @dale. Is it a coincidence or may the plugin directly been added to the native version of GH ?

Well I work for McNeel, so may it isn’t a coincidence. :wink:

Jackalope simply makes use of functions added to RhinoCommon late in the Rhino 5 life cycle. Thus it make sense to include them in Rhino 6.

Docking it like other panels (Layers, properties etc.) would be useful also.

Hi David,

I just updated my computer and working in GH is really an eye killer for me. Glad you’re working on scale-up part of the interface.

Hi Steve,

Is the new SDK available anywhere? The current one definitely requires VS2010, yes?

Hi Tom,

You can find a link to the Rhino WIP C++ SDK here:

– Dale