V6 Feature: Grasshopper 1.0 in Rhino 6

Based on your questions about RhinoCommon in the past, I’m assuming you are asking about the RhinoCommon SDK. RhinoCommon ships with Rhino and is therefore updated with every version of the WIP.

I like the floating window for grasshopper because I just use two monitors & I can just move GH to the second monitor & have plenty of real estate for both. If it can dock in a viewport it may be nice, but should probably not lose the ability to move it to a second monitor. Cheers!

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Hi mcarch - just FYI, in case it helps, you can drag a viewport by its title out of the Rhino frame onto another monitor, or where ever you like.


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Thanks Pascal, I was just thinking that may work as I was typing that post out. Very good to know.

Sorry for the extreme delay… Missed these answers somehow.

@dale Thanks, maybe in that case I will hold off a bit and crack on with RhinoCommon.

@stevebaer Thanks Steve, in this case it was the C++ SDK I was wondering about!

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I can not preview anything on newest version of Grasshopper coming with (6.0.17136.10381, 05/16/2017).

Any Suggestions?

ps. I’d like to know if you were using Wireframe or Shaded mode and, if yes, if you remember changing that setting yourself.

It seems OK in wireframe mode but not in shaded mode and Just saw your reply on other thread and solved it. Thanks.

Hi! With Grasshopper now built-in in Rhino, is it still possible to somehow unload or at least reset the plug-in (I noticed the GrasshopperUnloadPlugin command does not exist anymore)?
This used to be a handy way to refresh Grasshopper when, for instance, new add-ons have been installed, without having to restart Rhino.

The GrasshopperUnloadPlugin command never really unloaded the plugin as it was causing a bunch of nasty side-effects. There is a new command called GrasshopperReloadAssemblies which does a lot less, but may just do what you need.

Edit: on second though it probably doesn’t do what you need. It will only reload those assemblies already loaded that can be loaded anew from the disc. It will not try to discover new assemblies.

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I have been looking desperately for a complete changelog of version 1.0 now that it is released and shipping. Has anyone been able to find one?

@efestwin Since Grasshopper ships with Rhino now, the changelog (based on YouTrack issues) has been rolled into Rhino’s changelog. The YouTrack query below should hopefully show you what you’re after…



Aaah, somehow I could not find the youtrack.
Thank you for pointing this out, your help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: