Rhino6 + GH2.wip?

Is it possible to make a build of Grasshopper2 to be able to be tested with Rhino6?
Reason being Rhino6 being more stable that Rhino7WIP.

Also will save us bigger installation and we will be able to use GH2 as separate plugin.


By the time we get to test GH2 , Rhino 7 will be shipped :wink:

that’s why I ask for the WIP of GH2

There is no WIP. Once it exists it’ll be available for whatever the current official release is, plus probably the next version beta (presuming there isn’t some sort of massive SDK break that prevents me from releasing the same plugin for both).

Oh, so GH2 might as well be available for Rhino6.x?

If we’re still selling Rhino 6 by the time of release then yes. At the moment I’m developing it for R6, and I haven’t even tested whether it works on R7.

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