Grasshopper Enhancements

I read a while back that one the goals for v6 was to expose more functionality to Grasshopper. Is that happening? Could not find out mentioned in the change log.

I am specifically interested in the Flow commands.

The goal is to ship grasshopper 1.0 as part of Rhino 6. Development for GH1 has pretty much stopped, and we’re working on GH2 now instead. Eventually GH2 will be released, maybe as part of Rhino WIP releases (hopefully and probably), maybe as a separate download.

Thanks David. I need to take another look at the GH morphs because I need a solution yesterday.

I have a base line with a series of blocks on a construction plane. Block number 1 is scaled at x1, block 10 is in the middle and scaled x2, and block 20 is at the other end scaled x1. The blocks in between scale smoothly, i.e. x 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. Then on my model I have my target curve which I flow onto. When my model changes and I can now fit 40 blocks, my x2 ‘key frame’ block is now at position 20 and the others adjust scale to suit, i.e. 1.05, 1.1, 1.15, 1.2, etc.

A lot of time is spent form finding (adjusting the number of blocks and location of key frames) and my model changes more often than I’d like. Spacing between blocks is critical and doing all of this by hand is the number one reason something well into production gets scrapped and back to me for editing.

David, Is there anything you can tell abount the development of GH2 already?
Would be extremely interesting to hear where you are heading with this amazing piece of software!

I’m still rewriting core classes to make them more performant, more thread-safe and more consistent. As of two weeks ago I’ve started with the UI as well. GH1 was build on winforms and GDI+, GH2 will be build on the cross-platform UI toolkit Eto. Haven’t gotten very far yet, it’s still early days and I’m spending about half my time finding the limits of Eto then asking @curtisw to push them further back, and the other half typing boring core control stuff (such as making sure that zooming and panning are directly available to all controls and to make it easy to animate stuff over time).

It’s pretty boring stuff so far, it doesn’t really get exciting until the UI and the solver are both operational, and that’s definitely not around the corner.

Thank you for that insight!
Very much looking forward to what’s to come when it starts getting exciting! :slight_smile: