New V6 wip relatives

hi all
I just noticed that V6 wip has been available for some users to download for a while.It seems to support n-gon and integrates Brazil,but no sign of grasshopper2.
can anyone give us more info of V6 relatives?
many thx.

Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I seem to recall to have heard that Grasshopper would be integrated into Rhino V6, instead of being a plug-in. Is there any truth to that rumor?

I believe that’s the plan, yes.


What? When, how, where…


Thanks :smiley:


Moving to Serengeti category. You guys now all should have access to Serengeti topics and the WIP.

Yes, we are shipping Grasshopper 1.0 with the next version of Rhino

that’s really cool.

You guys will be busy for a while now, reading all the serengeti posts :wink:

As far as I know, Brazil will not be part of Rhino but they will try to get Cycles in at some point before release.

yes,I’m now busy and hungry for checking out all serengeti threads.
wow!! cycles X rhino will be a beast.