Rhino WIP SDK Available

Continuing the discussion from Rhino WIP Developers:

C++ Developers, the first WIP of the Rhino WIP SDK is now available.

Please try recompiling your plug-in for Rhino WIP and let us know how it goes.

Warning: The Rhino SDK Version number changes with every release (weekly). Plug-ins built with this SDK will only load in a Rhino with exactly the same version number. It will be almost impossible for you to release plug-ins for customers to use.


  • Visual Studio 2015
  • 64-bit Only

C++ developers: download the Rhino WIP SDK.

Please ask any questions about Rhino WIP Plug-in development in this category.


The SDK does not contain Rhino_DotNet.dll, but the WIP installer does install it. I know it has been deprecated, but is your intention not to bundle it with Rhino 6, or is it an oversight and should it be included in the SDK?

The SDK download is only for C++. We already ship all of the DLLs that you need for .NET development with the WIP (including Rhino_DotNet). I would consider Rhino_DotNet deprecated for further development thought. The primary reason we are keeping it around is to support legacy scripts in Grasshopper.

I am getting a large number of compiler errors. It seems that many classes are missing some member functions which were previously available. Some of the classes I am seeing from just my first compilation include: ON_MeshParameters, ON_UnitSystem, ON, CRhinoAnnotationText, CRhinoTextStyleTable, and CRhinoViewport. Have you just temporarily removed functions due to your internal development?

Those are breaking changes, probably.

@dale can you please help Gary understand what the correct classes and methods are in Rhino 6? Looks like we need to start a document somewhere explaining these differences so that people don’t have to go hunting through our header files to find the new classes.

@Gary, you will find that many SDK classes have changed. Many of the changes were made in order to clean up some of the workaround we’ve made in the past so as not to break the SDK. Other changes were make to add new functionality or to just clean up our dirty laundry.

All of the class you’ve mentioned are still in the SDK. But I’m sure their signatures have changed. If you are having difficulty finding replacement properties or methods, feel free to email me (dale@mcneel.com) your output windows, that shows the compile errors, and I can assist.


– Dale

Thanks for the fast response. Documentation would be helpful when class methods have been replaced. Perhaps when someone removes a method, they could leave a comment in the header file. The headers I have searched give no indication as to what happened to the missing methods.