Subd cars-

more playing with sub d for making cars- here’s a base model (loosly based on the honda ev concept car from last year)

you are welcome to play, dissect, crit or improve on-

My one request, post your successes and more importantly your fails here!

oneboxcar.3dm (3.1 MB)


no takers? cmon folks, lets see your cars! :slight_smile:

First SubD car, made in less than 1 hour, fantastic :slight_smile:


Quite a few years ago I made a Porsche 356 A with the body done in TSplines.

Out of curiosity, today I imported into Rhino 7 the body and it worked great, I am very pleased.

A friend I made since the original Tsplines model was created has the real thing, but the B version and I think I will surprise him by Christmas with a replica of his car, registration and all :slight_smile: I am going to do the A->B version modifications in Rhino 7


@theoutside actually I wanted to ask if it is possible that opening a T-Spline model in v7 would generate always subd also when it is in smooth mode. I noticed that when a T-spline model in box mode, it imports as subd, whereas in smooth mode it imports as nurbs surfaces. This will be safer in case someone doesn’t have v5/t-splines

unfortunately that kinda is what it is… we can’t get into any of the tsplines code and we are kinda stuck with what we have.

It could be much worse, not bad at all :slight_smile:

One thing that might be interesting to see is the progression of the model with the thumbnails of the incrementally saved versions. It says Rhino 6 (default opening program) but in fact is the WIP

I started with a polyline on the contour of the front fender. Then did an offset of the polyline and generated a lofted SubD surface between the two polylines. If we start with a SubD friendly spline the loft does not turns out so well.


wow~ :face_with_monocle:

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Thanks, in step 9, the straight line starting at the top of the windscreen has the purpose of helping the placement of the extra subD faces with the command AppendTo Subd

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Thank you for sharing~ rhinofan
I want to try the car modeling challenge.

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I am by no means an expert and this workflow might have some severe drawbacks, but it worked, The final subdivision of the model was to give it globally more “tension” so that future small changes could be make locally without perturbing the overall shape. Not a good approach , I know ! The wheel was imported from a previous file. One thing that you can do with subD is, from a generic car , transform it in many different types. Looking forward to your experiments… Cheers


Does this help: My 1st deep dive into sub d-

Local detail vs overall shape also brings up some interesting questions. Since NURBS and subd are both in the same environment. I think @theoutside has some thoughts on this.

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It does help thank you, I am eager to see a full video by Kyle on a car tutorial but I understand that until the interface is “frozen” it can be an undeserving effort

here goes another car made in around 1 hour after the last post, loosely based in a Porsche 996. Really a joy to model in SubD.
The resilience of the SubD system like its ability to use non square faces is a tremendous plus.

Kind of a dream to have a native SubD toolset in Rhino :ok_hand:

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Another hour of work today


awesome, can you name that same tune with 50% less faces?

remember lightness= smoothness= easy to editness.

great workflow, I’d just go through and delete edges until it falls apart and then put that last edge back in.

yep- I’m finding a sweet spot with SubD whereas the main forms are built in SubD then I save a copy of it for later if needed, and do the detailing in nurbs-

looking really good… if you see pinching spots, you may need to chase the edge out a bit further-

remember adding edges you need is not bad… adding too many edges you don’t is.