WIP SubD Dino 246

Well, this surely is the most difficult build I have stared so far…
I have just started tweaking in some details and as you can see there are still areas that are not smooth enough, but it will get there.

I still find the the tools layout ineffective and modelling is slow, but doing it in nurbs wouldn’t be much faster. @theoutside we should do a build together… maybe it would shine some light on areas to improve :wink:


oooooo!! I can’t WAIT to see you finish this model!! (great color choice too)

did you ever see the crazy story in the US about the one that was buried?

Happy to help anyway I can be useful.

Please post your wireframes as you go!

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Crazy story :smile: didn’t know about it so thanks for sharing! I’ll post a wireframe later, now I have to stop procastinating and swap out some windows on the house (to keep the heat in for winter).

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Wireframe as requested:

I love the transparent color that can be assigned to curves and layers.
I really wish we could choose this option for wireframe in display modes as well.

And here in unsmoothed shaded mode:

Mission: Trying to keep it as light as possible so the flow of the surfaces can be adjusted.


sooooo cool!!

only suggestion is to not build the panel gaps in subd. Build it as a single surface then convert to nurbs and add gaps in nurbs. You’ll get cleaner gaps, smoother surfaces, and lighter subd…

unless you are just flexing and want to be a subd super hero… :wink:

sky greenawaldt and I did a webinar together years ago for tsplines and we talked about this exact scenario on an insane porsche lemans car he built.

link here if you want to go tot the wayback machine. ignore the horrible sound quality…I was using a $8 webcam mic at that time.

the discussion starts around 29:00

This was fun to watch, I miss that little manipulator text that pops up in tsplines…

that car is lookin :boom: :fire: @Holo

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Oh… you mean these:

Too late… I took it as a challenge to see how I can use multiedged faces etc. As I prefer quads I need to get out of my comfort zone…
It isn’t perfect, but who aims for that anyway! :wink:



I definitely prefer quads. Local subdivision keeps the filesize lower, however it can alter the shape where it isn’t wanted.

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Absolutely agree with you Martin, and the distortion can be quite bad. The reason for not using them here is to learn though, and to try to make details in a light shape :slight_smile:

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it’s only crazy if it doesn’t work…

clearly you are not crazy, cuz this is workin’

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Looks reaaallly nice! Great job.

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Thanks for the feedbacks. Here is a small update of the progress of the body.
Main shape is getting there, ready for some remodelling and fine tuning.


funny, i’ve stared at this car for decades both in pcs and in person at shows, and I have never noticed how horribly integrated the marker lights are in the nose!

you are doing an amazing job- Enzo would be proud.

True, and I might choose to go for this version instead:

(And honestly I think Enzo would nit pick on everything that isn’t correctly modelled :wink: )

The rear is slowly getting some attention too.


@Holo Have you considered recording your subD build? I’d love to see your process!!


Thanks for the interest, but I am sure it would be one long, boring and frustrating video to watch, as there is a lot of trial and error and going back and forth :wink:

Here I have done some fine tuning to the bodywork and I am getting ready to do some detailing around the windows. (+ some dummy interior) The doors need the signature vents added too. But now at least it has better looking rims and tires.

And the wireframe:

(@theoutside I tuned the blinkers a bit, they were a tad too large)


fabulous!! this is a masters lesson in keeping it light and letting the tool do its thing.

pay attention class… this is how it’s done!

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Maybe reduce the gap between blinker and headlight scoop?
Gaze upon this fully restored 1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT | Top Gear


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Thanks, and interestingly I started useing those images of that restored car as reference last week :slight_smile:

Here’s an update. And I must say, this is where SubD shine, when tuning complex areas like these by just turning on the controlpoints and dragging (instead of having to rebuild lots of Nurbs surfaces).

I also need to add a little bit of panel gap for the hood.


Don’t forget to make the gap variable - this is a late 60’s/early 70’s car. And the air inlet scoops in the doors shouldn’t line up properly with the rear three-quarter panels when you come to do those elements… :wink: