My second tantation to model a car

I would like to have your opinion on this work
this is my second tantation to model a car
I modeled it during covide confinement :mask:

it is composed of many patches :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:
generally the primary surfaces of degree 3 .5. 6 and 7
no knots



It’s a very nice model. :clap:


thank you nozaki
I hope to be able to finish the model and put more photos

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in progretion
I add more details



I love it

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thank you diego
I train on this model to develop my capacity in modeling
it took about 200 hours of work



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thank you encephalon ! :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks outstanding to me. That grey model with visible topology is great.

Could you tell me what have you meant when you wrote “no knots”? I have problem to differ curve knots from control points. I’ve thought that is same. I`m a fresh Rhino user and I have headache from isoparm/curve/edges differences and knots/control points differences.

Have you made multi-span surfaces which have been split to smaller patches?
How have you constructed curves for building surfaces? Which tools have you used for that (control point curve or rather curve interpolated points)?
Have you rebuilt every curve after construction to have 3,5,6 and 7 control points?
What tools have you used for surfacing from curves (blend, sweep, loft)?

Do you think it`s faster to do a car model in subd or nurbs?

Amazing piece of work.


Hello marcin :slightly_smiling_face:
it is a big and broad subject.
surfaces without nodes are simple surfaces (without internal division)
for example a surface of degree 3. contain 4 control points on both directions u and v. if we add other rows of control points in both directions without increasing the degree,
we mathematically obtain a surface divided into several segments.
which gives a bad smoothness.

(. we can identify them with ._RemoveKnot and _Rebuild.)
the nodes change the internal topology of the surface it divides the surface into several segments depending on the number of control points and degree

Thanks for your answer.
Is that nodes are equal to knots?
I assumed earlier that your work is single span (one control point more than the degree value).
So are you saying that you divided surface to smaller ones in the place of nodes(isoparm)?

How can you change dividing to segments (adding isoparm)? By changing curvature?

Sorry for offtopic I feel that I should create a new thread about it.

Thanks again.

no problem
I wanted to put two video.
but I couldn’t download them


for the curves I use curves of degree 5 in general. then I gradually go up the degréé
for the creation of surfaces I use _EdgeSrf
I love him so much
because the surface inherits the simplicity of the curves

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I am using control point curve.
the (curve of interpolated points)
I rarely use it

for my experience I have never model a car in subd
I think it’s easier.
Using nurbs is a bit hard and takes a lot of time. Then the results are better at the level of the surface transitions if we improve the modeling in nurbs

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I’ve thought that Blend and Sweep should be used over NetworkSrf and EdgeSrf (I`m not sure of that).

Have you used matchsrf to have continuity between patches?

of course
it is very important to make the right transition
if I could in the future I would put videos explaining my way of modeling

Great Job!
Instead of any accelerated curve, try to use a constant radius of elliptical as much as you can. Cuts like the door cut gap are like 7 mm. Use a barrel surface from where you trim out the windows. Since is a car, always put the wheels first and make everything around it. Try not to just copy, but to improve it.


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my main commands are _Loft
and _Sweep2 _EdgeSrf _BlendSrf