My 1st deep dive into sub d-

I have been playing with subd for some time now, but this was my 1st end to end project. This model took 9 hours start to finish…and most of that was fiddling with the render. The body itself took about an hour and was all subd. The details were nurbs and the two played very nicely together. I hope you are enjoying subd as much as I am.

I’ll be cranking through a bunch of these in the next few weeks…

(render in raytrace viewport in rhino which is also pretty cool…)


Hi Kyle,
I think it’s an amazing job, could you upload the model?? I’m interested in learn from others workflows and I think it would be very usefull.

If you don’t want to share it would be understandable but a pity!

Thanks and keep working like this!

Hello Kyle,
That’s crazy, really nice, Would it be possible to have a full tutorial on how you created the body and it’s workflow.

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yes- working on that now… will post when done!

Here is the basic subd for the 907- it alls starts with the wheel arches-

907_subd.3dm (196.2 KB)

Here is a really loose overview- when you get good at this, you can rough out an entire car body in under 30 min…it’s INSANE how fast this is… go have fun!!

step 1. make front wheel arch, then copy and adjust shape for rear arch

step 2.
bridge 4 edges of each wheel arch together. this crates the basis of your silhouette “paperdoll”

step 3.
extrude front wheel arch forward, then rear wheel arch backwards, tehn the entire top edge up, and then adjust rough shape, you now have your silhouette “paperdoll” roughed out.

step 4. make it 3d by pulling edges and faces to “turn the corners”

step 5. extrude missing faces, 1x extrusion in teh front and 2x extrusion on the back…have to keep edge counts the same- Stitch wayward verts and remove creases if necessary

step 6. stitch and mirror-

step 7. clean up a bit, add and delete edges as needed and then bask in your awesomeness.


Hello Kyle,
This is great, much appreciated.

you are up now! lets see what you build! :wink:

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This is much better than I expected…
Thanks for the tutorial!


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Fantastic and thank you for sharing !

SubD tools are amazing

Bravo !


Thanks for the tutorial Kyle! Fantastic job!!!

Dave Lomshek
Pittsburg State University

glad you like them! I’ll keep making them-

I really appreciate it too,Thanks

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