Structural system on walls

Hi @fsalla,

I am in need of a bit of help here. I am clearly following your suggestions. VA tends to be a must-have tool for me. Because of the length and title of this topic, if you think we should move to another topic the discussion or change the title please do not hesitate to ask me to do it.

Please, have a look on the files I have attached for the progress I have made. I am following this very useful topic and also I have created a definition based on one of yours that is attached on it.

COLUMN-TEST.3dm (4.2 MB)

So, I am struggling a bit on almost everything but with lot of research I have managed to have some progress.

What I am trying to have with the COLUMN ON WALL 1 def, is to create the structural system of the walls, but as you remember we have two kinds of walls on top of another. This structural system is composed of two series of wooden mullions horizontal and vertical ones, creating two grids with insulation inside (pink color), one outer (with the insulation) and one inner. On top of this structure, will be placed wooden boards later on.

I cannot really yet place correctly the wooden mullion structural system. I cannot really figure out how to trim correctly the result of the offset curve (attached gh definition).

Also, this definition, ideally should read:

  • Columns on the model (with the pipeline) grab the positions, the profiles and create a rectangle based on column dimensions. Afterwards, offset this rectangle until structural layers of the wall ( Structure & Insulation System, Structure System) and place wooden mullions on the 4 points of rectangle (see below info about mullions). Also, later on I would like to have the actual connections of the wooden structural systems with the HEB columns (wooden structural systems attached on columns).

  • Windows of the model, placed already on walls and automatically place structural elements (horizontal mullions below and top of the window structure, and vertical ones to the right and left sides) around the window and inside the walls. In the window definition attached, related to this topic with the very valuable @RamonC suggestions, the window has its own structure and tends to be connected to the structure of the wall (you can have the model sectioned and see the actual connection between structure and window structure) but also, I have attached a normal model of what I am trying to have

window-test.dwg (2.5 MB)

*** The pipeline is not able to list the actual components of the window, why is that happening?
*** I am having serious lag times when placing the window on the wall
*** Is reading the host wall layer thicknesses by the window style possible when placing the window? (just like the host thickness variable)

Also, Ideally the gh definition COLUMNS ON WALL 1 should be as simple as double clicking on it, reading automatically the windows and columns and changing automatically when a window is moved. …We do not have the ability yet to have gh definitions for walls… The reason is to have the simplest possible workflow and the ability colleagues who might not are familiar with GH can work on the files.

Any advice or suggestion on the process I am following would be really wonderful.
Thanks in advance!

I have changed a bit the grasshopper definition in order to use curtain-walls as structural assemblies of the walls. COLUMNS ON WALL (52.4 KB) I am facing some issues in the code, such as how the curtain-walls will intersect each other in the corners of the building. I have issues related to this topic.

I would appreciate any advice or suggestion.
Thanks in advance