Systems (piping) in walls

is it possible to display systems (piping) that pass through the walls in the architectural plan

Hi @11170,

You can use the “Subtract Solids” command to open the holes you need for the piping system.


If I use a round beam it works in the model but not in the “hidden” view and therefore not in the plans. Is there a way to solve this?

This way it is really convenient and not as complex as using subtract solid but it must work in the plan otherwise it is not a good solution

Hi @11170,

Beams don’t create an automatic subtraction in walls when they intersect each other, so if you use beams as pipes, you will have to manually subtract the geometry from the walls as well in order to have a correct intersection. We are planning to make this intersections between beams and other objects automatic, I’ll add your vote to this issue.

The best solution here would be having the possibility to create a piping system, so I will add your vote to this feature in our list as well.

Hi @11170,

Maybe you could use round columns instead of beams. Columns solve automatically the intersection with walls, so you wouldn’t need to subtract them manually.

great idea!