VA 3, the first impression (plus some small requests)

So, finally I have started a new project with VA 3. And I must say there are quite a lot of fine improvements, though I haven’t checked all of them yet. For now I am just modelling a building, and I am at the very beginning of the process. So, here is the list of my first insights:
1/ So far connections between walls and slabs are the absolutely giant step ahead and this one is a good reason to move to VA 3 :pinched_fingers:
2/ Then, the option for extending columns and curtain walls, I’ve been waiting for it :slight_smile:
3/ Also, I see there are some changes in section attributes for VA elements, at first they also seem to be a good improvement.
4/ I have checked guidelines. I haven’t had any special needs for them, so frankly I don’t care how they work. Maybe, if there was an option to keep them just in the centre of a core layer of walls I could rethink using them.
Still there are a lot to check out, I think I will not be disappointed :wink:

And taking this opportunity I would like to ask for some further improvements. I can see the idea of a “core layer” could colve some other points, so why not to make this possibility when connecting beams to other elements? Take a look:

I know, this could be solved with added/subtracted solid, but it is a more “static” solution. A beam with a “core” element could automatically subtract itself from a slab…

Also, I would appreciate better connections between beams: for now only beams connected with their control points or perpendicular to each other can have a neat connection. But how about not-so-straight beams? Like these:

If a good connection is not possible, then maybe some option to end a beam with an arbitrary angle? Not only vertical or horizontal?

Finally, maybe it’s not a bug, just a small nuisance:

A connection between a “core” wall and a “core” slab" leaves some badly solved volumes. It looks like a wall alignment have something to do with it. This can be repaired with extending walls a bit, but the perfect way would be to get it automatically.

I think that’s all for now, I can keep you updated.
There are some other minor pains in the ass, but they are more connected to some changes in Rhino itself (lags when accesing block manager, bad focusing etc). I hope these can be handled soon.

Cheers, Jaro

Well, the second impression is the file crashes Rhino now… Frankly, I don’t remember what was the last operation these two days ago, I just cannot open the file now. @enric @fsalla I can sand you all the files, what mail box?
Cheers, Jaro

Hi @jerry.bakowski thank you for your valuable feedback, as usual!

Walls get linked to guides when they are aligned to the sides of the wall or their center. When we add the wall alignment by wall layer we could make this work with guides as well.

This is coming next in the following Beta… :wink:
Beams and Slabs

That’s a requested feature in our wish-list. More join options for beams, also when they don’t meet at their ends but at a halfway point.

That’s also on the wish list. The option to specify a custom angle for beam end-cuts. I add your vote.

Can you provide a 3dm sample of that?

Please share that file that crashes, we will take a look at it immediately.