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I wonder if there is any tutorial on how to prepare a GH component of a VA element? Especially and urgently I am looking for something about building my own definition of doors and beams :wink: With doors I am stuck with the “host” - how should I know what kind of a wall I will use for a host? Then, what is needed for a beam definition? But I mean a complex beam, not a regular section. Let’s say I want to build a truss - is it possible with VA? Or should I look for something different? Any other plugin?
Regards, Jaro

A small addition: I know how to prepare a GH door component, but I need a component that interacts with a wall. I want to prepare a component that will interact with the wall: specifically, I mean a lintel, which should of course be the width of the wall in which the opening is embedded. This cannot be a regular opening with a 3D model, because I want it as a parametric object. Is it possible?
Regards, Jaro

Hi Jaro, we are currently working on that. We will add an option for Doors and Window created with “GH Styles” that will let you link some parameter of the definition with the thickness of the Host where you insert that door/window in the model.

Regarding beams from trusses, you can already do this if you work on a definition that generates the truss. Take a look at the example attached. It’s a truss created with the help of a Lunchbox component. I’ve used a circular profile on all truss parts, and put them in different params, in order to control the dimension of each grup of parts.

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Hi Jaro, this is already possible in VisualARQ 2.4!
For example, if you are creating a window and want to set its frame thickness by the wall thickness, you need to put this code %<>% in the parameter aimed at this dimension. See an example attached.

Door Frame by Wall (16.2 KB)

However, this method may change in future versions and the existing styles or gh definitions might not be supported in future versions.

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