Curtain Wall style creation inside GH - infill option is missing

I am trying to create a wall curtain style inside grasshopper but I cannot load a style inside the created style with the infill feature just like when normally creating the style in the editor. Why do we miss this feature? Is there any workaround?
Thanks in advance

Also, I can see strange behavior when baking a curtain wall. I would really need some guidance on that as the curtain-wall mullion, frame, cells system seem to be essential for creating the needed geometry.

Hi @zabrielza,

This option is not available in Grasshopper. For this kind of Curtain Wall, you will need to define it in the Curtain Wall styles dialog.

As regards the issue displayed in the video, it looks like you are baking the Curtain wall component, but not the Curtain Wall style. That means if there is already a curtain wall style existing in the document with the same name as the one you are baking, the features of the existing style will prevail over the one you baking. If you want to override the curtain wall style details generated in GH you need to bake also the Curtain Wall Style component.

Ηι @fsalla
Sadly, this might lead to numerous limitations in curtain wall creations inside grasshopper.

As a possible workaround, I would imagine: creating the curtain-wall style for the curtain wall below and then loading this style inside grasshopper to create this curtain-wall. Is it possible to load styles by name inside grasshopper? And how could we control the width between the verticals this way?

To be more specific, in the red rectangle on the picture you can see that we can match Rf,Cf,A,I,T,S to the cell component.

You can see in the model perspective view, that I have loaded the style created by dialogue but without the ability of controlling the width between vertical, height between horizontal without the decontstruct-construct cell in grasshopper. Is there any possible workaround?

@zabrielza Find attached a 3dm file that contains a Curtain wall similar to the one of your sketch.
The main curtain wall (called “Master”) is divided according to a fixed cell size, and uses another Curtain wall (called “Curtain Wall Infill”) as infill. This infill curtain wall has a cell that is divided horizontally, and one of its cell components is subdivided again into 2 other cells. That makes 3 cells that are distributed according to a fixed size.

This kind of curtain wall design can only be done in VisualARQ styles dialog, because there is the Infill component missing in GH. If you want to read the dimensions of each curtain wall used in that single curtain wall object, you need to deconstruct the two styles separately: (16.1 KB)

CurtainWall.3dm (344.2 KB)

Hi @fsalla,
What I am trying to find is a workaround not only to read the dimensions but also passing them through calculations and inputs to dynamically change the dimensions of the final curtain-walls. Is there any possible workaround for that? Let us say that the distance between verticals is 0,70 and I would like to change this dynamically to all the curtain-walls to 0,60 without creating a new style. What I understand as workaround is to have a single style and changing its dimensions each time that I need to manipulate them.
Also, this style can be created by percentages (for the divisions). What if we have the height of the curtain-wall and the height of the horizontal mullion (but not the percentage as data). We will have to calculate manually and entering the values. In GH it would be more automated.
Thanks in advance

Hi @zabrielza

I was wrong here. You can create that “combined” curtain wall style in GH as well already. Just need to connect one curtain wall style component to the “Style” input in the Cell component:

And make sure you have the option “2” (Curtain wall) in the “Infill” input of that Cell component:


Do right click on the Cell component and select “Show advanced options” to display all inputs:

Find attached the gh file with the result.[Nested Curtain Wall Style.
Nested Curtain Wall (13.5 KB)

I hope that helps to do all that you need.

Hi @fsalla, that is exactly what I was looking for. But the strange thing is, that when I am creating a Curtain Wall fixed Dimension cell i do not have all those inputs of yours. Why is that?

Hi Zab, do right click on the Cell component and select “Show advanced options” to display all inputs:

That’s awesome!! Thank you @fsalla !

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